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Yogi Tea Happy Dreams 20 sachets

Ayurvedic infusion with lavender oil, chamomile flowers, and hops.

Delicious, spicy and calming.


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Yogi Tea Happy Dreams 20 sachets


YOGI TEA® Happy Dreams is a pleasant invitation to abandon yourself to the world of dreams. Lavender essential oil, chamomile flowers and hops are sweet companions that help us contemplate the past day and give us a peaceful night.

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Lavender essential oil is obtained from the flowers of lavender, a plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family and native to the Mediterranean basin. Lavender has a very aromatic flavor and is known for its beautiful flowers and delightfully intoxicating scent.

chamomile flowers

Chamomile, white and pinnate with bright yellow flowers, was considered sacred by the Germans and the flower of the sun god Ra by the Egyptians. Everyone knows the characteristic scent of this herbaceous plant. The flowers have a slightly bitter and pleasantly delicate flavor.


Hops is a climbing plant that climbs up to 10 m in height and in nature it grows mainly on the edges of woods, in clearings and in the undergrowth. Its green and yellow strobili are ready for harvest in late August and have a slightly bitter and delicately tart flavor.

lavender flowers

The entrancing scent of lavender hovers everywhere in the Mediterranean basin. This plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family is indigenous to these areas, even if, due to the beauty of its flowers, it is now cultivated all over the world. Lavender has a sour-spicy and slightly bitter taste and contains valuable essential oils.


Fennel *, Peppermint *, Lemongrass *, Chamomile flowers *, Lemon balm *, Sage *, Lavender flowers *, Cardamom *, Hops *, Lavender essential oil *, Nutmeg *

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