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Yogi Tea Orange Ginger and Vanilla 17 sachets

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Yogi Tea Orange Ginger and Vanilla 17 sachets

Ayurvedic herbal infusion with ginger, orange peel, vanilla.

Delicious, spicy and calming.


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Yogi Tea Orange Ginger and Vanilla 17 sachets


A delicious and warm blend of traditional chai spices and cocoa peels, YOGI TEA® Choco is one of the most popular infusions. Cocoa combines with sweet licorice, cinnamon, spicy ginger and cardamom in a delicious infusion. Relax, enjoy every sip and breathe in the wonderful aroma of chocolate. Best enjoyed with a dash of milk or plant-based alternatives. The true essence of this infusion is: "Delicious indulgence".

Nutritional information

Spicy ginger and orange give this infusion a delicious sunny taste, instilling a good mood like on a summer day. Ginger adds liveliness and vitality. The addition of licorice and fruity orange, along with a touch of vanilla, bring summer back to the heart. The true essence of this infusion is: "Sun and trust".


Found in Christmas sweets, curry mixes, and sodas, the ginger bulb is one of the most famous seasoning plants in the world. Grown for millennia in the tropical heat of East Asia, it gives a fruity, hot, aromatic and spicy taste to many of our YOGI TEA®.


Licorice root, an essential part of licorice confectionery, has been known since ancient times. It has a sweetening power about 50 times higher than sugar and has a delicately sweetish and bitter-sour taste.


Lemongrass contains essential oils and has a strong fresh and sour taste. It is not yet clear where this plant of the Graminaceae family comes from, used mainly in Asian cuisine.

Orange peel

Orange is the most cultivated citrus in the world. It is native to Asia and was only introduced in Europe in the 15th century. Its rind contains numerous essential oils and has a fruity flavor similar to that of the pulp, although it is a little less sweet and slightly bitter.

black pepper

Black pepper, also called the “king of spices”, is today the most important spice in the world after salt. It is native to the Malabar coast of India and has an intensely spicy and at the same time medium-spicy flavor.


The “queen of spices” boasts one of the most loved aromas in the world. It belongs to the Orchidaceae family and comes from Mexico and Central America. Due to its refined taste and elaborate manufacturing process, vanilla is a particularly valuable condiment plant.


The cross discovered only in 1696 and probably by chance between water mint and wild mint has today become one of the best known plants in the world. Peppermint is beloved all over the world for its refreshing aroma and is slightly and pleasantly spicy.


This annual plant, with a sweet-tasting fruit that has been appreciated for thousands of years, thrives in Asia and the south-east of the Mediterranean. Once anise was sacrificed to the gods, while today it finds its place as a delicious spice in cakes, Christmas sweets and numerous YOGI TEA®.


cocoa peel *, cinnamon *, licorice *, carob *, barley malt *, skim cocoa powder *, cardamom *, ginger *, cloves *, ginger oil *, black pepper *, vanilla extract * , cinnamon oil *, vanilla bean *

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